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About Purple Bananas

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Discrete Trial Training, Purple Bananas was created by board-certified behavior analysts to teach receptive identification to early learners, individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and others with special needs.

Purple Bananas allows an individual’s repertoire to be expanded as they learn by playing games in increasing levels of difficulty. The app pulls from a library of more than 2,500 pictures to teach and track progress on targets from areas including objects, people, activities, numbers, colors, letters, and emotions. While playing the games, individuals earn reinforcement breaks, which are short, fun activities like balloon popping.

Why Are Receptive Identification Skills Important?

Receptive identification teaches “listener responding,” which is the ability to accurately respond to the language of someone else. These skills are crucial for children’s language development and social interactions (like having conversations and developing friendships).

Receptive identification skills also help to grow and develop vocabulary and word associations that are necessary for children to engage in academics and to fulfil requests. Here’s a basic example: you ask your child to bring you the hairbrush. However, if your child does not know what a hairbrush is, they will not be able to fulfil the request.

Purple Bananas is available in two versions: Basic and Pro. The Basic version can be used by anyone, with no referral necessary. The Pro version is available for clinicians to customize according to the individual needs of the children they work with.

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