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Created using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Purple Bananas teaches receptive ID and listener responding, helping your students or clients build skills crucial to their growth and development. Choose from 1000+ targets and develop a completely individualized program to meet the needs of each learner, with programming levels that act as building blocks on each other.

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Purple Bananas uses evidence-based training that can work for all early learners, and which may be especially beneficial to children diagnosed with special needs, particularly autism. By playing games in increasing levels of difficulty, children will learn to follow verbal instructions, wait for reinforcement, and accurately identify targets such as objects, people, places, food, actions, emotions, numbers, colors, letters, and more.

With Purple Bananas, clinicians school psychologists, and ABA organizations can create individualized programming for their patients’ needs. The app can also be used as a curriculum to support deficits identified through VB-MAPP, PEAK, or other assessments.

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How It Works

Through the simple-to-use web-based Pro Portal, providers can design long-term complex programming by creating multiple levels, customizing the games within each, and setting appropriate reinforcements and demands.

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  1. Probe

    Determine which targets the student needs to learn. Set your own criteria for reaching baseline, including the number of sessions, consecutive trials, and/or percentage correct.

  2. Training

    Teach novel targets to the student. Inherit the same set-up criteria from the Probe phase, or create new criteria and design.

  3. Test

    Check which targets the student has learned during training. Inherit the same criteria from the Probe phase, or create new criteria.

  4. Maintenance

    Once a program has been mastered and tested, occasional testing will verify that the student has retained the targets. If the student fails the Maintenance criteria, they will return to Training for this program.

Who Can Use Purple Bananas?

Organizations with Multiple Clinicians

Each clinician at your organization gets added as a separate user under the same umbrella.

You’ll have a unique login, and the data on your clients or students will be kept in separate profiles and will be visible to no other clinicians but you.


There’s no need to wait—just choose how many students or patients you’ll be working with, and then create you Purple Bananas Pro account.

The data for each client remains in separate profiles, and can be viewed only by you.

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Data Collection

While students play the games you’ve setup, data is collected for each target. Review your students’ profiles individually to see their progress, presented in visual graphs that allow you to see trends. Take a deeper dive into specific data for each student, or download an Excel file of the raw data.


The web-based Purple Bananas Pro Portal is available with a monthly or annual subscription for as low as $13.99 per month. Accounts are offered with up to 25 “seats” to accommodate multiple students or patients.

# of SeatsMonthly Subscription
5$64.95 ($12.99/seat)
10$124.90 ($12.49/seat)
15$179.85 ($11.99/seat)
20$229.80 ($11.49/seat)
25$274.75 ($10.89/seat)

Start Your FREE Trial

Try Purple Bananas with a 7-day free trial. There’s no risk or obligation, and your credit card will not be charged until your trial period ends.

To get started, reach out to Purple Bananas today! We’ll set you up with an account that meets your needs.

Your account will include access to app training videos, FAQs, and everything you need to create student profiles and individualized programs.

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